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The Staff at Duck Duck Goose is Professional, Loving and Dedicated

We are so proud of our staff here at Duck Duck Goose. Our teachers are certified for early childhood education and oversees each classroom. Assistants are in rooms as needed and have experience that make them great fits for Duck Duck Goose and our little clients!

Paula Von Derau: Duck Duck Goose Director


Originally from Marilla, Paula graduated from Iroquois Central High School, then went to Cazenovia College and earned her early childhood degree, then attended Potsdam, where she received a bachelor’s degree in education and psychology and a master’s degree in general classroom education.


See her full interview by the East Aurora Advertiser HERE. Our favorite part of the interview was:

As a busy mom herself, Paula has great empathy for the parents whose kids are at Duck Duck Goose. “It’s hard to put your child in the hands of someone else,” she said. “I think there is a lot of guilt over working full time and putting your children in daycare. Unfortunately, in this day and age, sometimes it’s not a choice…one of our goals is to give our parents and families a lot of support and just be really aware of that fact."

Our Classroom Staff
Each Classroom is equipped with a lead teacher and classroom assistants. We provide thorough training for our staff and it shows in their rich classroom environments. 


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