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Parent Testimonies:


"Our Daughter was two when I decided to go back to work in an office and I'm thankful my husband and I found Duck Duck Goose everyday since. Now six years old, our daughter, is smart, happy and well-adjusted. We know that's in part to her wonderful teachers at DDG who have helped teach her, care for her, and loved her like family. The staff at DDG has made her life, and ours, not only easier, but better."  


"We initially selected DDG out of convenience, close to our houme & offers part-time daycare, but we have stayed because it is so wonderful in every way. The staff is outstanding, caring, flexible and the environment has helped our daughter develop sociall and intellectually in ways we never expected."


"After finding DDG, we have more peace of mind that we ever thought possible! She loves all of the staff and will be a DDGooser for the rest of her daycare years!"


:We stayed at DDG because of the staff. Most of the teachers genuinely enjoy the role they play in helping your child learn new things and have fun as they do. The owner and teachers are all very receptive to questions, special requests and middle of the day phone calls"

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